Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An American Hero

Haiti hit with MAJOR earth quake. I'm going to go provide search and
rescue assistance. If you're not familar with my background check out
this: http://www.youtube.com/jameslclarkdotcom#p/u/12/6VqvLXVOEyY. Any amount will help. I tak...e all credit cards or paypal to: paypal@jameslclark.com. Include a note for ..."Haiti". Please pass this on to everyone you know. Facebook, Twitter, and all emails.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1% Of Worth

How much are you truly worth? Such an odd statement but can you take an honest second to really reflect on the question and more importantly answer yourself. Does your self worth very from day to day? If so, who is in control of this fluctuating "worth" scale? I believe that there are indeed answers to all these questions.
How much are you worth: Only you can answer such a question and you should answer such a question. You must establish a daily value of your life and actions carried out by those decisions. What ever decisions you make, stand behind them, learn from them and live by them. Do something, one thing everyday to increase your personal value. One of the most influential people in my life (My Father) once told me "A person is only what they say they are" If your the type of person that always say's why me? Or, What does that person have that I don't? Then that's exactly the person you will ALWAYS be........... Someone who stands on the outside looking in, never willing to open the door.
DOES YOUR WORTH VERY: Absolutely, I will say that again, your self worth ABSOLUTELY changes from day to day. Questions? Let's think about it, if your own worth never changed then your goals could never change. We would all be happy making minimum wage and flipping burgers. All be it there are some who are perfectly content without change, some of these people are even familiar parts of our daily lives. Their choices have given them a "Comfort" level. These are the people that use phrases such as "I could never..... Or I can't do that" Why? There is no such thing as a negative force field that holds any of us down. Figure out how much you are worth and invest 1% more EVERY DAY!
WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE SCALE: You are! You are the only person who can establish how much you worth. You are the only person that can wake up and decide "Today is the day to make a change" You are the only person that can make the choice to run one more lap, work one more hour, make the decision that TODAY you will invest 1% more than you did yesterday. Surround yourself by positive people and positive actions. When setting goals, make them "Realistic". Think to yourself you can never reach the top of the ladder without taking the first step.
THE THEORY OF 1%: It very well might be cliche but the fact remains that there are only two classes of people in this world. "Sellers" and "Buyers" We wake up every day and are either buying what someone else is selling or selling ourselves for someone else to buy. Each and every one of us have and will experience both sides from time to time but again you are the only one to decide, today I will be a seller. What would you give to get your life on track? How about something as simple as 1%.......... 1% of effort 1% of change 1% to affect the rest of your life. That's it, your 1% is "yours" only you can decide what is going to be your 1% today. Find your 1% and not only find it but apply your 1% TODAY!
I heard someone once say "Luck is attracted to lucky people" I say "Success is attracted to successful people" Successful people are the ones willing to go out and create their own luck. Successful people are willing to NOT maintain the daily grind no matter how "WELL" they are doing in the moment.
As Always,
Alex Rangel